Dear Prospective Clients,

As a Civil, Structural, and Forensic Engineer, I am asked to look at, and participate in many different actions.  Sometimes after a brief discussion of the case, I realize that the qualifications necessary for the case fit the expertise of one of my colleagues better than mine, in which case I will gladly refer them.   I understand the difficulty in finding a good, experienced, neutral expert who will give an honest and unbiased opinion regarding your case so that you can reach a prompt, equitable settlement.  Therefore, before I am asked to participate, I feel it is very important that you and/or your legal counsel and I briefly discuss your case to see if my engineering expertise fits well with your particular situation.  It is in your best interest that you find the best-qualified expert for your circumstances.

Please use this letter as your invitation to a free, complimentary telephone or email consultation with me to discuss your specific case.  During that discussion, as well as the particulars of your case, we can discuss:

  • Qualifications And Curriculum Vitae
  • Fees and Payment Requirements
  • Prior Sworn-In Testimony and Depositions
  • Whatever Else You Feel Is Appropriate

Please contact me with any questions, or if you need assistance. 
Thank You. 


Licensed By The State Board Of
Professional Engineers And Land Surveyors

Joseph A. Quilici, C.E., S.E., C.C.I.
Civil, Structural, and Forensic Engineer, Certified Construction Inspector

Direct Line:  408-583-0323, x11